Monday, 13 August 2018

China Glaze OMG! Collection

 It's funny that if you read my beauty posts years ago, nail polish was something you'd never see. Now I own a ridiculous amount of the stuff and actively follow new collections - and so I figured it was about time I started posting a little bit more of it on here!

I very rarely purchase an entire collection, but when I saw China Glaze had remade their holographic OMG! set, I knew straight away I wanted the whole lot. I am a fan of colours that are more unusual or that give me something a little bit more interesting and so holographic paints are a favoured choice of mine. As such I already own a fair few that looked like they'd be similar to the silver colour, OMG, and a couple that I thought might match the rose gold shade, TTYL, as well.

Let's start with some pricing. This post is absolutely not sponsored by the way - I buy all my polishes from nailpolishdirect, I find they are consistently the cheapest and are also very reliable, with my colours normally arriving within two days. To buy these colours individually through them, you're looking at £4.95 a pot. Alternatively you can buy the whole set for £26.95, or do what I did and buy the mini collection for £9.95. However, I actually don't recommend you buy the mini set like me - I went with the miniatures as I own enough similar colours that I wasn't sure it warranted any more full sizes. However these really are very small, I can assure you the colours are beautiful, and, well, the mini brush kinda sucks and is frustrating to use. View the whole collection here, anyway!

 Here's the colours. From left to right we've got TTYL, IDK, OMG, DV8, 2NITE, and BFF. And yes, typing all those names out kind of hurt me, but we'll get past that. All very pretty shades, and of course all of them really come to life when you wear them out and about and you get the beautiful rainbow holo effect to liven them up.

 The most subtle of the colours are the rose gold, TTYL, and the silver, OMG. I'm wearing TTYL right now and it's a lovely shade as it's subtle enough that you can get away with it at work, but also has it's own sparkle to liven it up a bit. For something much bolder, I was really impressed by DV8 which is a very striking colour that definitely stands out with BFF following close behind.

   Application is pretty good on these - the first layer applies a bit streaky, but this is sorted out by the second coat. Only OMG needed a third shade, the others were all fine on two.

  I've worn IDK for five days and it lasted well - there were no chips whatsoever, although the very top did start looking a little bit worn away. However as I always say when I do these kinds of posts, I do a very hands on job and come into contact with a lot of dirt and oil and whatever else - therefore if it's only looking a teeny bit less than perfect for me after five days, chances are it'll still be looking amazing on yours!

Will you be trying anything from this collection?
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