Sunday, 28 October 2018

A Quick Trip to Zagreb, Croatia

 Welcome to Zagreb! Croatia's capital city, and the first stop of our Croatia trip.

  We spent a couple of days in Zagreb and were a little worried it would be too much time. Zagreb doesn't seem to be a place people really go when they're visiting Croatia, and as we'd already heard a lot about how expensive the country was we were really worried it was going to end up costing a small fortune.

  But let's take a look at how it actually was!

 Let's start with the food. Tarts, tarts, everywhere! YES. We found lots of cute little bakeries and pastry shops and tarts were definitely the ones that seemed to be the most loved. The above photos were taken in Fine Torte, which was conveniently pretty much right next to our AirBnB.

 One of the highlights of the whole trip for me would have to be our visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships. I was looking forward to visiting it but was a little bit pessimistic, however I thought it was really cute and interesting and enjoyed reading a lot of stories. The gift shop has some great T-Shirts and postcards as well. Essentially, the museum is comprised of various items with accompanying stories about the breakdown of a relationship. There's lots of romantic ones, but also an uber depressing family room and other tales. It's a pretty small museum so it won't take up a huge chunk of your day but it's definitely worth visiting.

 All the food we had in Zagreb was great! The above is from Rocket Burger.

 I found Zagreb itself to be a really pretty city. It has interesting architecture, it's very green, and you can tell that it has just plain been thought about. It DOES lack the character that you'll find in the coastal parts of the country - but I still really enjoyed visiting it and walking around and exploring.

 The above is from Cheese Bar. No really, that's what it's called! We each had a delicious selection of different meats and cheeses and a suggested wine to match. I LOVED it. I could eat this kind of food basically every day. We got a good selection, and in particular the cheese and the wine were delicious. The cheese/wine love isn't quite as high in the other parts of Croatia that we visited, so do make sure you take the opportunity while you're in Zagreb!

 You're probably going to notice a lot of Vespa and Piaggio photos popping up over this little series. What can I tell you? I LOVE my Vespa, so everywhere we go I have to take photos if I find any cute ones. And Croatia seems to be just as big a fan of the bike, they had a lot of cute and colourful ones. Still didn't find one the same colour as mine, though ;)

 The above photos are from Kava Tava, which is about as hipster as a cafe can get. Luckily I love that scene, and I was also a very big fan of these pancakes. We had a lot of pancakes on our trip, but none were quite as enjoyable as these ones!

 Overall, I would absolutely recommend anyone to visit Zagreb. It's an interesting capital city with a lot to do, a great feel to it, and is very friendly and welcoming. The food choices are amazing and it was also one of the cheaper places we visited, surprisingly.

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