Monday, 21 January 2019

I Tried Out Ciate's Lipstick Ranges (Including Glitter Flip, Pretty Stix, Liquid Velvet & Patent Pout)

 If you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen that over the last year or so I've suddenly got REALLY into lip products. I've gone from never really owning any and hating the feeling of having products on my lips to suddenly trying out all sorts of different ranges. Some products I still can't stand, and unsurprisingly, brands like MAC have been leading my preferences - but there's such a big range and variety out there now that it can be pretty overwhelming for people who have never really bought them before.

  As I'm a huge fan of Ciate nail polishes (seriously, I now have a rack for their colours because I own so many) I decided I'd give their lipstick ranges a go. I initially went a bit overboard and tried to order all the colours I wanted, before deciding to be sensible, take a step back, and just order a favourite from each range to see what I thought of the formula before going back and buying some extras of any that I really loved.

  So here's the initial order - and here's what I thought! To anyone wanting to get to the swatches - they are all at the bottom!

I started off with the Pretty Stix collection, what with it being the range that I thought I'd most like. The Pretty Stix lipsticks are the only ones that come in a standard bullet (the rest all being applied via wands) and is advertised as a butter lipstick that is super hydrating. I went with the colour First Love, which is a lovely red.

  I was actually really impressed with this lipstick - I initially found it a bit difficult to apply as it absolutely did NOT want to look nice over the water line and it took a few attempts to get it to apply evenly. However, once I had that bit figured out I was a big fan of this little colour - it stays on well and it really is super hydrating and feels really nice on my lips, like wearing a thick lip balm but not at all uncomfortable. It does however transfer exceptionally easily and also comes off without much effort at all, which isn't a problem for me but might be for you.

  I liked this lipstick enough that I've since bought two more colours - a pretty purple called Fuchsia and another red called Me Me Me - the latter of which I honestly didn't need as it's almost identical in colour to First Love, unfortunately. Oh well!

  The Pretty Stix range is £16 and can be purchased here.

 Next up I tried two Liquid Velvet products - one from their Nudes range, and one standard. These are matte liquid lipsticks applied via a lipstick wand. Again, I really liked the formula of these - they go on very easily and smoothly and then quickly dry to a really pretty matte finish. The colour holds really well (though again, it does transfer) and are very vibrant with a great colour pay off.

  I tried Secrets and Head Over Heels and really liked both - so again, I ordered two more! Since trying these out I've also purchased Oh Honey and Smitten - and it's sort of a shame I didn't swatch the newer purchases, as Smitten has very quickly become one of my two favourite lip colours (tied with MAC's Ruby Woo, if you were wondering) and is SUCH a pretty shade. I'll probably feature this one soon on it's own, as I do think its worth it.

  These lipsticks cost £17 - the full range of regular colours is available here, and the nudes are here!
 Next up we have Patent Pout - this shade being Bombshell. These apply to a very high shine finish - and unfortunately, I didn't like it at all! In fairness, my housemate really liked how it looked though I wasn't such a fan - it is a VERY high shine red and it does have great colour payoff, I just didn't like how it looked. More than that though, I really really don't like the formula. It's easy to apply but it feels very sticky and goopy and I never stopped being completely aware of feeling it on my lips.

  But if you like the look, the range is available for £8, here!

 Next up we have this Glitter Flip duo, featuring the colours Surreal and Valentine. These were the lipsticks I was most excited about as I've seen nothing but positive reviews about and the photos are amazing - basically, the idea is that they apply like a normal lipstick, and then when they've dried you push your lips together a couple of times and end up with a really high glitter look.

  Unfortunately - I wasn't a fan. I genuinely thought I'd love these and I was so looking forward to trying them, but I just didn't. I didn't massively like the look of them (though I will say there is a huge range of colours in this collection, so more than likely there's another one I'd like more) but I REALLY didn't like the feel. I found them to be quite drying, and they are SO difficult to get off. This is great in some aspects, there's definitely no transfer with these, but I can't stand when it becomes basically a mission to get the colour off.

  I still really like how they look on other people so I was disappointed they didn't work for me, but unfortunately I just wasn't a fan of the formula. These cost £17 and the full range is available here.

Swatches are all in product order - Pretty Stix in First Love, Liquid Velvet in Secrets and Head Over Heels, Patent Pout in Bombshell, and Glitter Flip in Surreal and Valentine.

Overall, as you can probably guess by the repurchases, I ended up being a big fan of Pretty Stix and Liquid Velvet and will continue to keep an eye on both of those!

Have you tried any of Ciate's lip products? What are your favourites?
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