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My name is Nicola, and welcome to my blog.

I'm originally from Kent, but have lived in London for about six years now. I've lived all over London, but found much to my surprise that the east was where I most seemed to identify - to the extent that I now actually own a flat there!

I've worked lots of very active jobs, and have spent the last five years as a shift worker. This tends to mean I am up at very strange hours and ocasionally have the joy of having to take a night bus to work at 3am, but it does also mean I get to take advantage of cheaper spa and afternoon tea deals, which is always nice.

When not at work, I enjoy traveling - both within the UK and out much further (lets be honest, much further wins every time really), eating (fancy places are great, but I also enjoy a good old roast and of course anywhere that will sell me cake), watching TV (I don't want to tell you the kind of rubbish I watch) and of course, reading blogs.

Pink Confetti is a lifestyle blog that primarily includes a little bit of travel, food, beauty and fashion. I hope you enjoy reading it!


  1. Nice to meet you. I found you off Sprinkle of Glitter! Love your blog and design. The nav hovers are to die for! :-)

    Jenny of Penned by Jenny

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