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I read every comment that is left on my blog and also reply to every tweet sent to me (@pinkconfettiuk) so please feel free to use those methods to get in touch with me!

If you'd prefer to send me something a little more detailed or private, then you can email me at though please note I do work really odd hours and so don't always check this account every day.

I am happy to receive emails from PR companies about both events and products - however please note that I will only accept invites from products/events that I am personally interested in. Please also note that though I will always be constructive, I reserve the right to write a less than favourable review should that unfortunately be my genuine opinion!

In particular, I am happy to hear from travel, fashion, food and beauty based brands, however if you think your brand is something I would be interested in please feel free to contact me all the same.


  1. Hi

    Just come across your blog, my name is Laura im a socks designer and actually designed the parrot socks you bought in Primark :)

    I am trying to start my own line of socks! have a look at these what do you think? :)

  2. Love your blog!! SO pretty.

  3. Hello, I just sent you an email!


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